Upholsterer – ANZSCO 393311

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Makes, rebuilds and repairs upholstered articles such as chairs, sofas, beds and mattresses.

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  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Mattress Maker

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No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 3933 Upholsterers


make, rebuild and repair upholstered articles such as chairs, sofas, beds and mattresses.


  • conferring with clients to determine materials and cost of furniture items to be made or repaired
  • making and repairing wooden frames, and removing and replacing defective springs
  • removing coverings, webbing and padding from old furniture
  • securing material, padding, springs and webbing to articles to be upholstered
  • measuring and cutting materials and covering furniture
  • seaming cushions and joining sections of covering material
  • attaching ornamental trims, braids and buttons
  • padding and covering spring units to upholster mattresses
  • may finish wooden surfaces on furniture
  • may remove stains from fabric

Skill Level

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