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Families and Partners

Bring your loved ones to Australia.


Families & Partners

Australian permanent residents, citizens, or Eligible New Zealand citizens hold the privilege of sponsoring visa applicants for a range of family-related visas. Whether you’re planning to bring your fiancé, partner, parent, child, dependent relative, or carer to Australia, we provide detailed insights into the eligibility criteria, application process, and requirements for each visa category. Our goal is to simplify the complex immigration journey and help families navigate the path towards reuniting and building a future together in Australia.

Partner Visas

Partner visas enable Australian citizens, permanent residents, and Eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their spouse, de facto partner, or fiancé and any dependent children for residency.

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Parent Visas

Australia’s Parent Visas provide pathways for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or Eligible New Zealand citizens to join their families, with both temporary and permanent residency options available.

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Child Visas

Child Visas are tailored to reunite children with their Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen parents, adoptive parents, or guardian relatives.

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Other Family

Covering a wide range of family situations and needs, this category includes Aged Dependent Relative, Carer, Remaining Relative, and New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visas.

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Family and Partner Visa Solutions

With extensive expertise in assisting families and couples, we provide dedicated support to navigate the intricacies of Australian immigration.

Our team specializes in guiding individuals and sponsors through the process, ensuring clarity and personalized strategies for a seamless immigration journey.

Through transparent communication and customized approaches, we strive to facilitate a successful outcome for every family and partner visa application.

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FAQs & Common Cases

How much does a Child visa application cost?
  • Main applicant: AUD 3,055
  • Additional applicants under 18 years old: AUD 765
  • Applicants over 18 years old: AUD 1,530
Is it hard to apply for a Child visa?

Child visa applications are still ‘paper’ applications, meaning that they cannot be submitted online. The required documents and application forms must be posted or couriered to the Department of Home Affairs for lodgement.

Ensuring there are sufficient documents and properly completed forms for a valid application is key to avoiding lodgement delays. Invalid applications are returned to the sender, wasting time and money to resubmit again, as well as impacting the grant of a Bridging Visa, or even the applicant’s entire eligibility.

How much does a Partner visa application cost?

Partner Visa (Temporary) 820:

  • Most applicants: From $8,850
  • Prospective Marriage visa applicants: From $1,475

Partner Visa (Permanent) 801:

  • Cost already covered in the combined application for temporary and permanent visas.
Is it hard to apply for a Partner visa?

Partner visas are some of the most document-heavy applications in the migration program, and the case is reliant on being able to evidence all of the aspects of a genuine relationship.

With such a high application fee, obtaining professional advice and assistance is key to minimising risk.

Our experienced Migration Agents will streamline the application process by clearly setting out the requirements for your individual circumstances, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency.

Can I apply for a Partner visa while on a Bridging Visa?

For those holding Bridging Visa types A, B, C, or E, an opportunity exists to apply for an onshore Partner visa, however, specific conditions accompany such an application. Explore these conditions further and determine your eligibility for a Partner visa by contacting AVIE.

What our clients say…

On Family Visas:

I recently had the priviledge of using the migration advice provided by AVIE, and I am beyond grateful for the support and guidance I received. As a migrant, I wanted to stay in Australia, but as any process it has some difficulties and decisions regarding my family’s future and mine, I was feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about which path to take. As a sign, I saw AVIE office and then I decided to reach out to for advice. From the moment I made contact, I was met with a high level of professionalism and empathy. I wholeheartedly recommend Australian Visa and Immigration Experts. – Andres

On Family Visas:

Super professional, supportive and friendly, Nicole and her team are just amazing! Big thank you from me and my family, you literally changed our lives. Thank you so much! – El