408 Temporary Activity Visa

408 Temporary Activity Visa

The visa for a number of short-term activities in Australia, including cultural, sporting, entertainment, and research.

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Temporary Activity Visa

(Subclass 408)

The Australia Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) allows individuals to partake in various short-term activities within the country, emphasizing cultural exchange, collaboration, and specialized expertise in diverse fields.


Requirements for a Temporary Activity Visa

(Subclass 408)

The Subclass 408 visa is divided into a number of ‘streams’ to suit the purpose of the stay in Australia, including:

  • Youth exchange
  • Religious work
  • Research activities
  • Participation in a community-based event
  • Playing, coaching, instructing or adjudicating for an Australian sporting team, or undertaking high-level sports training with a sporting organization
  • Working in the entertainment industry as a performer or production staff
  • Crew member of a superyacht
  • Staff exchange

To obtain the Subclass 408 visa, applicants must secure sponsorship or endorsement from a qualifying organization or institution in Australia. The applicants must also:

  • Demonstrate the necessary skills to undertake the intended work or activity.
  • Prove they have adequate financial resources to sustain themselves and their family during their stay in Australia.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Confirm they are a genuine temporary entrant.

Subclass 408 Visa holders are also required to evidence adequate health insurance for the stay in Australia. This could be private insurance or reciprocal Medicare access.