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Navigate the complexities of corporate immigration with expert guidance for a smooth and compliant process.


Visa Options for Employers

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate migration, AVIE can provide tailored immigration strategies and initiatives for businesses looking to employ skilled workers in Australia.

A number of temporary and permanent work visas are available, requiring an understanding of the employer’s needs and goals, as well as the worker’s own background in order to determine the most suitable pathway.

Overseas businesses who plan to establish operations in Australia or have specific work contracts in Australia may be eligible to access some employer sponsored visas.

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AVIE is on hand to guide both businesses and individuals through the complexities of employer sponsored visas.
Working collaboratively with all parties, we aim to streamline the application process, ensure there is clear and timely advice, and relieve concerns for all involved. 
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FAQs & Common Cases

What is an employer sponsored visa?

Employer sponsored visas serve as a practical solution for businesses facing skill shortages or specific labour needs. They provide a straightforward route for qualified people to contribute their expertise to Australia’s workforce, supporting diversity and facilitating international talent exchange.

This visa category requires that a skilled worker is sponsored or supported by an employer to undertake work or specified activities in Australia. Once approved, the visa holder is then restricted to only working for that employer in the nominated role.

Can AVIE help me to secure sponsorship?

AVIE is a specialist Immigration firm, and cannot secure employment or sponsorship for applicants.

Our team can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation, ensuring an understanding of your available options and processes, and refer you to appropriate recruitment agencies/sites to assist with the job search.

How do I sponsor an employee?

Depending on the visa type, a formal sponsorship application may be required before nominating an employee.

Employers are generally expected to demonstrate that there is a genuine need for the foreign worker’s skills or expertise, ensuring that the terms and conditions of employment meet Australian standards.

As the eligibility criteria for the various visa types differ significantly, navigating this process successfully requires a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Australian immigration laws.

We specialize in providing expert guidance on this topic. Our team can assist employers in becoming approved sponsors and guide them through the nomination process to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

What our clients say…

On Sponsorships:

Nicole, Young, and the team at AVIE are incredible at what they do. They are knowledgeable about the ever-changing and complex landscape of migration in Australia. When I first reached out to Nicole on behalf of the company I work for, it was initially to get some advice on 3 types of sponsorships. Her sharing of information was clear and succinct to ensure I understood it all in simple terms. I would highly recommend Nicole and the AVIE team as representing them as an agent. Thanks for all your help! – Michele

On Employer-Sponsored Visas:

I engaged AVIE to help me obtain my 186 Visa last year and have nothing but good feedback. My visa was granted yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. Young and the team at AVIE were fantastic and made the whole process very easy and pain free. Great communication and advice throughout. Highly recommend! – Liam