Child Visas

Child Visas

Tailored immigration solutions for children, ensuring a smooth process for reuniting families.

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Child Visa Options

Child Visa

(Subclass 101/802)


The Child Visa (Subclass 101/802) permits children to join their parents in Australia, provided at least one parent is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Applicants must be

  • under 18 years of age; or
  • a full-time student aged over 18 and under 25 and financially dependent on the parent; or
  • over 18 and unable to work due to a disability; and
  • unmarried or not in a de facto relationship

Sponsors are expected to provide adequate financial support and accommodation to meet the child’s reasonable living costs for their first two years in Australia. Evidence of access to funds will be required as part of the application process.

Both applicants and sponsors must meet character requirements.

Adoption Visa

(Subclass 102)


Tailored for children adopted overseas by Australian citizens, permanent residents, or Eligible New Zealand citizens. This visa has specific requirements for the adoption and pre-application process.

Applicants must be under 18 years of age at all stages, including when adopted, when they apply, and when a decision is made by the Department of Home Affairs.

For adoptions through expatriate arrangements (with no Australian state or territory central authority being involved), parents must be able to demonstrate that the adoption is legally recognised and that they have full, permanent parental rights to the child.

Orphan Relative Visa

(Subclass 117/837)


Designed for children under 18 who no longer have parental care, this visa allows them to join a relative in Australia who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Applicants must demonstrate that both of the child’s parents:

  • have died; or
  • are permanently incapable of caring for the child, such as a serious medical issue or disability; or
  • cannot be found.

All applicants must meet health requirements.

Eligible sponsors must be 18 years or older, settled in Australia, and a sibling or step-sibling, grandparent or step-grandparent, aunt, uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle, or the current spouse or de facto partner of one these relatives.

Dependent Child Visa

(Subclass 445)


Parents holding a temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 309 or 820) can add children not initially included in the application via a Dependent Child Visa. The 445 visa permits residence in Australia until a decision is reached on the parent’s permanent Partner Visa application.

The application must be supported by the original Partner visa sponsor. Processing of the permanent Partner visa (Subclass 100 or 801) will be placed on hold until the 445 visa is decided.

Once approved, 445 holders can apply to be included in the permanent Partner visa and will be assessed at the same time as their parent.

What You Need To Know:

Clear evidence of the familial relationship must be provided to the Department of Home Affairs. Sponsors and applicants may be requested to undertake DNA testing in order to satisfy this requirement.

Processing times vary based on the visa type and individual circumstances. To obtain an estimate of the timeframe, we recommend visiting the Department of Home Affairs website.