Meat Boner and Slicer – ANZSCO 831211

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Trims and cuts meat from bones, sides and carcasses.

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  • Meat Trimmer

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No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 8312 Meat Boners and Slicers, and Slaughterers


trim and cut meat from bones, sides and carcasses, and slaughter livestock in abattoirs.


  • operating switching controls to direct and drop carcasses and meat cuts from supply rails to boning tables
  • cutting meat to separate meat, fat and tissue from around bones
  • washing, scraping and trimming foreign material and blood from meat
  • cutting sides and quarters of meat into standard meat cuts, such as rumps, flanks and shoulders, and removing internal fat, blood clots, bruises and other matter to prepare them for packing and marketing
  • operating restrainer and stunning equipment
  • severing jugular veins of stunned animals to drain blood and facilitate dressing
  • trimming and removing head meat and severing animal heads
  • slitting open, eviscerating and trimming animal carcasses
  • may slaughter livestock according to procedures required by religious customs

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