Business Broker – ANZSCO 612111

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Operates as an independent agent in the buying and selling of businesses. Registration or licensing may be required.

Skill Level


Alternative Titles

  • Business Agent


  • Franchise Broker

Skills Assessment Authority



No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 6121 Real Estate Sales Agents


sell, lease and manage commercial and private properties, and broker the buying and selling of businesses.


  • accepting and listing properties and businesses for sale and lease, conducting inspections, and advising buyers on the merits of properties and businesses and the terms of sale or lease
  • advising vendors of sales and marketing options such as sale by auction and open house inspections
  • cataloguing and detailing land, buildings and businesses for sale or lease and arranging advertising
  • assessing buyers’ needs and locating properties and businesses for their consideration
  • offering valuations and advice for buying and selling properties and businesses, and structuring the terms of settlement
  • collecting and holding rent monies from tenants, and remitting to owner on agreed basis
  • monitoring and addressing non-compliance with terms and conditions of tenancy and pursuing rental arrears
  • developing and implementing business plans, budgets, policies and procedures for the agency
  • may arrange finance, land brokerage, conveyancing and maintenance of premises

Skill Level

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