Prison Officer – ANZSCO 442111

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Supervises and controls the activities of inmates in a prison or other correctional institution.

Skill Level


Alternative Titles

  • Correctional Officer (Aus)
  • Corrections Officer (NZ)


  • Custodial Officer

Skills Assessment Authority


No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 4421 Prison Officers


supervise and control the activities of inmates in prisons and other correctional institutions.


  • observing the conduct and behaviour of prisoners to prevent disturbances and escapes
  • inspecting and maintaining the security of locks, window bars, grilles, doors and gates
  • supervising prisoners during work assignments, recreational periods, sporting activities and meals
  • assisting with the implementation of education, rehabilitation and other programs organised for prisoners
  • searching prisoners and cells for weapons, drugs and other contraband items
  • patrolling assigned areas and reporting breaches of rules, unsatisfactory attitudes and prisoner adjustment problems
  • requisitioning prisoners’ clothing, toiletries, reading material and other allowable items
  • supervising prisoners in transit between courts, prisons and other facilities

Skill Level

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