Plastic Cablemaking Machine Operator – ANZSCO 711511

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Operates extruding machines to encase wire, cord, cable and optic fibre in plastic or rubber.

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Alternative Titles



  • Insulation Extruder Operator
  • Optic Fibre Drawer
  • Wire Drawer (Plastics)

Skills Assessment Authority


No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 7115 Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators


operate machines to manufacture and finish plastic and rubber products.


  • operating controls to regulate temperature, pressure, speed and flow of operation
  • measuring and loading materials, items and ingredients for mixing into machines and feeding mechanisms
  • monitoring operation, regulating material supply and adding chemicals and colorants to mixture
  • threading uncoated wire and cable through plastic coating machines, around take-up reels and through dies and cooling chambers
  • laying casings, beads, ply and rubber sheets on moulds
  • operating rollers to remove air
  • operating vulcaniser presses and controlling curing
  • examining output for defects and conformity to specifications
  • performing minor repairs and maintaining production records

Skill Level

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