Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator – ANZSCO 711716

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Operates machines to convert raw textile fibres into continuous untwisted and twisted strands of yarn for use in clothing, carpets, curtains and other fabrics.

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  • Cotton Ginner
  • Gill Box Operator
  • Yarn Comber
  • Yarn Texture Machine Operator

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No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 7117 Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators


operate machines to process raw hides and skins, raw textile fibres, and dye, weave and knit fibres for use in textile and footwear production.


  • preparing machines for operation by selecting and installing attachments and components for specialised functions
  • setting and operating controls used to regulate processing operations
  • starting machines and monitoring operation to detect faults and ensure effectiveness of operation
  • loading drums with hides and skins, textiles, and dyeing and tanning solutions
  • cutting and machining leather and synthetic shoe uppers, and making shoes using moulded and cement construction techniques
  • threading loom shuttles with cross-yarn arms
  • positioning and feeding machines with fibre packages
  • repairing broken yarns by tying and splicing ends
  • examining finished products for defects and variations, reporting faults in machines, and carrying out quality control procedures

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